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Location Photography Workshops

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Street Photography Workshop

1 or 2 day Art Photography Workshop


Bayou Photo Workshop

Louisiana Swamp & Bayou Photo Workshop. We go out into the swamps and Cajun Village for the day

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Night Photography Workshop

We shoot the urban landscape at night. We address exposure, gear, and the Urban Landscape.

Art Style Workshops


 Art Photography workshop

1 or 2 day Art Photography Workshop. Art is subjective and we understand what individual art in Photography is.


The Artist Within

Creating and or rediscovering the artist within, Life coaching, Classes & Discussions -  2 day workshop


Black and White Photography Workshop

Black and White Photography is a Timeless Art form that when created commands attention. If you love Black and white then you will enjoy this workshop as you will learn the ins and outs of monochromatic's. 

Practical Style Workshops

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Photographing People Workshop

Photographing people has an inherent challenge. We go over the basics and make it more straightforward and your pictures will be better. 


Travel & Location Photography Workshops

We discuss travel, Gear, Limitations and how to shoot on the fly in a foreign place and so much more...


Understanding Light, Exposure and Color Workshop

These fundamental elements are what makes an image. to get better images we must understand and know them to adjust them. You Pictures will be so much better after this workshop.


Creating a Digital Workflow and Processing Workshop

Understanding what to do with your Digital images is critical and knowing why and how to do it with your computer is necessary.


Vicki provides personalized workshops and coaching tailored for individuals who value one on one learning. With a wealth of experience in producing varied images for both commercial and fine art applications, she has been involved in life coaching since 2010. By infusing this mystical approach into her teachings, Vicki aims to bring out the inner radiance in your images and encourage individuals to truly connect with their photography instead of just capturing moments. She emphasizes the importance of infusing personal perspective into photographic work, as she believes anyone can take a picture with their phones.

"To be a good image maker thought has to kiss the frame of the viewfinder before pressing the shutter. Perspective matters."

Photography Workshops & Courses

Participating in our photography workshops can accelerate your path to producing high-quality images efficiently by mastering your camera skills.

Our 9 workshops cover a range of topics including Art, Practical Photography, Processing and Workflow, Exposure and Light, Night Photography and low Light situations, and Travel and Street Photography.

These workshops are rich in valuable information, providing practical solutions and essential knowledge for photography enthusiasts.

"It's so important to know how to work with your vision.."


"To be a good image maker thought has to kiss the frame of the viewfinder before pressing the shutter. Perspective matters."

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We offer Classes and Coaching, for individuals and small Groups.


Teaches Beginning Photography Workshops

Workshops | Weekedays & Weekends 

"I attended Vicki's photography workshop for beginners earlier this year, and it was an excellent experience. Looking forward to attending more!" --James Fanguy  

Many of the workshops below can be tailored specifically to what you want to see, learn and accomplish (shoot). Beginners Photography Workshops have a 1 and 2 day option. 

The first day we go over:

  • The Basics including Dials, Knobs, menu's.
  • Then we work on Learning how to photographing Manual and the other shooting modes
  • Exposure and light
  • and get into the nuts and bolts of your camera

If you do two days, we go out and shoot to several locations that are ideal to teach you how to shoot on location.

Then we go back to the studio and critique your images and give introductory workflow class with live demonstrations. 

We have been teaching camera techniques for awhile and have proved successful. Please take a look around at our workshops and let us know what you want to do and we will tailor it to you. 

Contact us so we can come up with a plan.


Photography Workshops 

Stanwycks Photography, The Natchez Steamboat at Dusk
One or Two Day Workshops, Your Choice...

In this Workshop we spend the whole weekend dedicated to creating images on Location. We have a class to begin and then venture off to see and feel as much of our Locations as possible.

Vicki Stanwycks is with you every step of the way working with you to create beautiful images and see the landscape and it's people.

** Weekend workshops can be during the week, the days just need to be two consecutive days so it keeps us within the flow of the work and development we are choosing.

Art Photography Workshops

Creating Artistic images and capturing your style - Creating your own art is much more than pressing the shutter of your camera or cell phone. The creative process involves several factors that make the difference between a nice picture and a thought provoking mindful image - an artful photographic image....

Attendees should bring to these classes/workshops their camera and gear, laptop and software that they use for their Photographs. Please bring at least 100 of our favorite images to date. If you don't have software we can make recommendation's.

We will have classes, shooting at various locations, computer lab, assignments and critiques. We will create images together based on your classes and discovery. Be prepared to talk about various subjects as realized through your creative process.


Location Photo Workshops


"Visit the Swamp!" Bayou Photography Workshops

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Bayou Photography Workshops

We travel into the Louisiana Bayous with an experienced guide and his boat... This is quite the adventure... We motor off into the Bayous where our guide brings us to the prime Bayou Areas, showing Cypress Knees, Hanging Moss Trees, Gators, Swamps, Louisiana Nature, and it's various animals and Birds.

We visit fishing areas... Old Grave Yards and see some of the locals discussing the catch of the day...

Vicki Stanwycks assists and teaches how to create images of the Bayou Landscape, Gators, Hanging Moss Cypress Trees, People, Graveyards and the Cajun Landscape.


Night Photography Workshop

New Orleans really comes alive at night. See the sights and sounds of the French Quarter, the Marigny, Local color, talent, music, musicians, neon lights, brass bands and the beautiful architecture as seen only in New Orleans at night.

Learn to capture the mood and feeling in New Orleans and use the workshop instruction for future travel. Shooting JPEG and Raw, Creating High Depth images by incorporating various techniques.

Very Informative and lots of fun. You must have some understanding of the basics.

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Street Photography 

Journalism in the Streets...

We offer Workshops for Shooting wherever you go in the streets of your destination. There is an art to Street Photography and the people who populate urban locations, cities, and foreign places.

We go over gear, safety, light, preparation, travel, color, black and white, some computer imaging and learning how to understand your inner photographer.

Vicki Stanwycks personally coaches and works with you in the classroom and on Location to create using the techniques learned in this class.

For over 10 years, dynamic workshops led by Vicki Stanwycks have empowered photographers of all levels. With 23+ years of experience, Vicki covers various photography disciplines like commercial, aerial, and event photography. She integrates her global perspective from travels into teaching, also incorporating life coaching for a holistic approach. Workshops cater to individuals and small groups, offering personalized attention to enhance photography skills and creative vision.

Black and white Photography

Black and White Photography Workshop

Capturing Timeless Moments
Join us for an immersive experience where you'll learn the art of black and white photography. This workshop is designed for photographers of all skill levels who wish to explore the beauty and depth that monochromatic images can offer.

Over the course of the workshop, you'll be guided by seasoned professionals who will share their insights and techniques on composition, lighting, contrast, and texture. You'll discover how to see the world in shades of grey, and understand how to create powerful, emotive images without the use of color.

Whether you're looking to enrich your portfolio or simply wish to deepen your appreciation for this timeless art form, our Black and White Photography Workshop is the perfect place to start. Come join us and transform your perspective, one frame at a time.


The Artist Within

Unblocking and Recreating the Artist Within 

Lifecoaching Sessions, Photography, Discussions and recreating the artist within...

Being creative for self satisfaction, feeling good, and even excited about what you want to accomplish takes motivation and a clear mind. If your mind is jumbled and your life is crazy, the creative process can be tainted, you can feel negatively challenged, hence making the creative process seem like climbing a tall mountain.

The creative process is different for everyone. This workshop is focused on you, figuring our what makes you come alive creatively, like you once were perhaps. Or, You may have changed entirely.  Our focus is to get in touch with your creatively self that has somehow gotten lost. YOu may need to find your way?  We Help you in that journey...

Artists workshops have been a good place to get you seeing and feeling the creative self once again. Life sometimes gets in the way and you forget what made your spark creatively. If you are struggling this could be just what you need.

Attendees should bring to these classes/workshops their camera and gear, laptop and software that they use for their Photographs. Please bring at least  30 of your latest images so we can look at where you are now. There will be alife coaching session, discussions, writing exercises, shooting at various locations, possible computer processes demonstrations. We will create images together based on your discovery and coaching sessions. Be prepared to talk about various subjects as realized through the creative process.

Travel & Location Photography Workshop

Travel photography is fun and can be approached as exciting and artful... Surely it's exciting to travel and explore... Photography gear needs to be effective and accomplish image capture while visiting unfamiliar territory. There are language barriers with foreigner's, safety issues and inherent photographic challenges.

Going to the local camera store may not be so readily available and having what you need could be paramount... and then the airlines come into play, and how to travel effectively with your gear. Call us today to see if we can help you prepare for your trip. We can work with you individually to help you find your inner photographer... Our primary focus is to get you to be the best you can be, with what you have while traveling.


Photographing People 

We offer Workshops for Shooting People groups and Model Coaching for the aspiring model from a photographers point of view. As photographer's we create images for the aspiring model and know what looks good and doesn't. Vicki Stanwycks personally coaches and works with you to help you create your image, portfolio,  and branding materials.

Digital Photo Workshops


Exposure, Color & Light Photography Workshop

In order to create an image, we need light... We cover the basics of light and how to see, measure and track the light. This workshop is for the natural light enthusiast who respects and loves the landscape and realizes that light has many aspects from exposure and color to capture.  This workshop brings your photography to the Next Level, better images. Knowing light and how to manipulate, see and track the light will make all the difference to your images. Anyone can shoot a picture, it's what we do with the light that makes all the difference to the quality of the image.

On - Location Photography, Working with Exposure, Color & Light
Industrial Photography, Commercial Fisherman in the Gulf

Photography Workflow and Editing

In this workshop we go over pre and post production in relationship to your images. What to do with the images now that we have them? Editing is very important to the final outcome of your Photographs.

We go over editing, software and how to create a workflow that works for you so that your images live safely and can be gotten to create prints, Canvas's, books and all those wonderful things we make with our photographs.


Beginning Photography

Beginners |  Workshops

Beginners Photography Workshops. You love photography and want  do more than just shoot pictures from your phone. Do you want to understand photography rather than simply put your camera in Automatic or Program mode? We teach you the various functions and tools that go into digital photography. Cameras, composition, computers and software are all the functioning elements that make up digital photography.  The computer - Better known as the Digital Darkroom are touched upon...We have Workshops and individual classes. Our classes are 2 - 3 hours long and workshops can be half days or Full days.  We offer 1 to 3 classes per segment and 1 and two day workshops or more depending on what you want to work on.

"If you want to get a good working knowledge of your camera these classes or workshops are for you!"

Work With a Professional Photographer If you are into photography and want to get better at what you are doing, there are several coaching options available for you.

Vicki Stanwycks, your Photography Coach, will evaluate where you are now in your work and make some suggestions based on what you want to do with your future photography endeavors.

Photography coaching is a good way to get better at what you are doing and figure out what you want to accomplish with a professional photographer to work with.

Photography Coaching

Stanwycks Photo offers Photography Coaching with Vicki Stanwycks. within the Coaching Experience we have several segments that give:

  • Classroom time for photography studies including basic to intermediate
  • Shooting at local locations - with a professional Photographer over your shoulder to help you understand your settings, exposure and composition
  • Pre and Post Production time to help with Editing on the computer
    Zoom calls if you have questions and need help between sessions.

It's a pretty comprehensive way of learning photography and continuing your photographic growth and process.

Photo Skills

Be Prepared for your Photography Workshops

Photography Workshops, Classes and Coaching

Images from our Workshops and Around Louisiana...

New Orleans Offers One of the Most Colorful Cities in the World!

Some of the things we Cover, Exposure, Composition, Color and Black and White...

The New Orleans is an awesome place especially, to be a Photographer. Many of the workshops below can be tailored specifically to where you want to go, what you want learn with your cameras. If you are coming to New Orleans, for a few days we can figure out a shooting schedule just for you! We have carefully crafted Itineraries for classes and workshops, and have worked with many clients who love to shoot, New Orleans makes it extra fun!

Stanwycks Photography, Vicki Stanwycks, loves being your guide and coach, teaching technique and shooting skills and being your guide...
Please take a look around at our workshops and let us know what you want to do. We will tailor an itinerary just for you. Contact us so we can come up with a plan. You will be better at Creating Photographs for sure after one of our workshops!

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Photography Workshops, Classes & Coaching


For over 15 years, we have conducted workshops. With more than 23 years of experience, Vicki Stanwycks is a seasoned commercial photographer specializing in various areas such as advertising, aerial photography, modeling, industrial settings, corporate events, and more. Having owned a Gallery on Magazine Street, she has a rich background in creating diverse images for commercial and fine art purposes.

Having traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe for both commercial projects and personal exploration, since 2010, she has also ventured into life coaching. This aspect is integrated into her classes and workshops, aiming to enhance the quality of your images. Vicki offers workshops and classes tailored for individuals and small groups.

Custom Workshops of any of the topics 

New Orleans is  an awesome place especially to create images.  Many of the workshops below can be tailored specifically to what you want to see, learn and accomplish (shoot). If you are coming to town for a few days we can put together an Itinerary as we have done for many clients, being a guide,  teaching technique and shooting... Please take a look around at our workshops and let us know what you want to do and we will tailor it to you.  Contact us so we can come up with a plan.

Weekend Workshops

Please take a look around at what we have to offer for our workshops and we can come up with a custom Itinerary just for you for one of our Weekend Workshops. We can combine classes and location workshops for your weekend. For Example you can choose to work in the French Quarter, a night workshop and a class with coaching. If you are struggling with something in your photography we can concentrate on that for a weekend.

** Weekend workshops can be during the week, the days just need to be two consecutive days so it keeps us within the flow of the work and development we are choosing.

Improve Your Photography with Stanwycks

Understand Aspects of Photography, Seeing Light, Exposure, Composition, and so much more...

Various New Orleans Workshops - Full Days and Weekends

Black and White Images and Photo Journalism go hand and hand...

Workshops, Classes and Individual Coaching sessions are available

We schedule workshops and classes working mainly with individuals one on one. Call today to schedule your Workshop or class.


Bay St. Louis | Weekend Workshop Geared toward Travel Photogaphy

In this Workshop we spend the whole weekend dedicated to creating images of Old Bay St. Louis, MS. filled with color, the Harbor,  the Beach, the sand, the local flare and it's quaint atmosphere.

The purpose of this workshop is to get accustomed to shooting on the fly and create good travel photos, and practice with Vicki Stanwycks so you can get better images in Bay St. Louis and wherever you may travel in the future.

"Bringing a Point of View to your images can make the difference of a good Image to a truly great image..."


Snapping Photos or Creating Images?

Are we snapping photos or creating images? With Instagram and Facebook inherently everyone is a kind of journalist - yet many an image is a snapshot.

The difference however in a good image maker and a snapshot maker is our methodology and care we take to understand the image and the process to create a fine image and the equipment we use.

Much Goes Into Black and White Photography

Do you want to create a great better black and white images?

Color, Black and White, special effects... the list is endless what you can do.

Make Statements and tell stories with your images...

Do you want to be more creative with your photography?

Photography can be a lot of fun when shooting for fun is a priority.

Knowing how to be more creative and spontaneous makes photography more interesting to you and the viewer.

If you want to be more creative, shoot some creative images in New Orleans than this is the workshop for you

Prepare Your Photography Gear and Yourself...

Attendees should have a Camera, with lenses, laptop or home computer and software which we can discuss before the workshop/class. We will go shoot photographs. It's recommended to wear something comfortable, weather appropriate and closed toe shoes or sneakers.

Classes, Critiques and Workflow

Weekend Workshops gives us more time to hone your photography skills in classes, by looking at what you have done while shooting, then following a critique of your work.

Much learning can be received by looking and seeing what could  have done differently which sparks more questions and more learning.

New Orleans Photo Workshop Adventures

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A few testimonials...

"I attended Vicki's photography workshop for beginners earlier this year, and it was an excellent experience. Looking forward to attending more!" --James Fanguy 

"Best workshop I have ever taken. Vicki went above and beyond my expectations. She provided excellent, personalized instruction, based on a customized workshop design.

She also shared a LOT of great insights based on helping me to assess my own style, taking me out to shoot in the kinds of locations suited to my needs, and then providing interactive coaching and feedback.

As a result of taking her workshop, I am going to become a much better photographer. Even before the course was done, I had already made significant improvements. I highly recommend her services." -Darren Olson, June 25th

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