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Commercial Photography

Stanwycks Photography Studios specializes in commercial photography. Our Photographers create images that show a company's products heightening the corporate brand. A picture is sometimes worth 1000 words, but hopefully the images we create for you can generate $1,000's of dollars!

Commercial Photography

  • Products
  • Food
  • Aerial Industrial, Ships, Real Estate
  • People at Work, Manufacturing
  • Industrial, Lab Services & On-Location
  • Etc.

Developing an Idea to Behind the Scenes

Commercial Photography and Image Development

Who ever you are, whatever  types of images you require, we can create  shots for publications, the Web, Social Media...  We shoot keeping in mind the latest trends with an advertising spin. We have worked with many agencies and art Directors knowing what they need.

Stanwycks has been shooting Commercially for more than 23 years including still life, people and products at the New Orleans studio, the Mississippi Studio and on- location, as assignments dictate.

Shooting images - to Finals


"We like to make a plan before any shoot... It saves time and money for the final outcome..."

The Shoot, Retouching & Image Enhancement

Stanwycks Studio offers a full range of processing,  Retouching and Graphic Design services. An original image may need retouching to remove items that are inherently in the landscape or are a part of the original image;  a light pole, or electrical lines a fence, that surround a structure... We can retouch blemishes, eyes and teeth if it's something you wish to be addressed.

Our techs enhance photographs every day including  sky's, buildings, commercial facades, teeth whitening,  hair,  scars,   glasses, etc.  Our skilled techs can make you look good!

Design & Marketing for Companies and Individuals

You may need your images for the Web, Magazines, Ads, or social media.

Are you working with an art director, an agency or a graphic design firm?

Whatever your needs we  work with you to develop finished images that you can be proud of... Images are created and processed with the utmost care to detail with final usage in mind. We make it easy for our clients, taking the worry out of preparation, logistics, and final images.

Perhaps you have seen us around town...

Perhaps you have seen us shooting around town. We shoot on location; for local advertising, Corporate Buildings, Executives, and some not so pretty stuff like industrial photography.  Whatever the project,  we can photograph your next assignment delivering the kind of quality you need for your audience.

"Images are created and processed with the utmost care to detail with final usage in mind."

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