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Creative Digital Photography

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Creative photography isn't just about snapping pics; it's a magical art form that channels the photographer's inner Picasso. While regular photography might copy reality, the creative kind dances to its own beat, reinventing the norm.

Playing with light, angles, and composition, these artists weave tales that tug at heartstrings and speak to the soul. Each shot is a canvas for emotions, stories, and messages that speak volumes to those who gaze upon them.

An essential ingredient in the recipe of creative photography is the magical power to view the world through a unique lens. It's all about peeling back the layers of ordinary to uncover hidden gems of beauty. Picture this: reflections, shadows, and quirky angles dancing together to create a visual masterpiece.

Mixing and matching colors and textures like a pro chef to sprinkle that extra dash of pizzazz. The end game? Not just snapping a pic, but brewing a potion that tickles the viewer's fancy and sets their imagination on fire!



A Canvas of Pure Artistic expression

In a world where digital magic reigns, photographers are armed with editing tools that can turn ordinary shots into mind-bending masterpieces! From blending realities with double exposure to crafting dreams with HDR imaging, the possibilities are as endless as a never-ending photo reel.

But hey, even with all this tech wizardry, the heart and soul of creative photography still boils down to each photographer's individual vision, flair and pizzazz. It's this personal touch that sprinkles stardust on every snapshot and transforms it into a canvas of pure artistic expression!

New Orleans Creative Photography Workshops

What Inspires You To Create Photographs?

Creative imagery in Photography can be inspiring. So What do you like to shoot? What inspires you to create Photographs? What techniques do you bring to the process of creating photographic images?

In this workshop you have a chance to gather more creative tools that you can bring into your Photographic Arsenal, now... Right now, Today!

Composition, lighting, shooting technique and software are just some of the things we have the opportunities to explore in the New Orleans Creative workshop, using Colorful New Orleans as a Backdrop for your Photography.


Provoking Emotion through Different Photography Techniques

The New Orleans Creative Photo Workshop is a full day. We start at the studio in Class, then go to the New Orleans French Quarter and it's all up from there.

We go to prime locations that are inspirational, bring on creativity and we try different techniques.

We discuss what motivates us as Image Makers and photographers, including the amateur Photographer to the Experienced shooter.

 Photography Workshop and Classes

We work in the studio to teach first then travel into the French Quarter, Uptown, Downtown and shoot the various Highlights of the City with your Photography Coach.. 

Depending on what Workshop or Class you take it will prove to be thought provoking!

We Offer Several Photography Courses....

Phone:  504.899.9394

Workshops & Classes

Creative Photography Workshop 

Todays Darkroom, Your Computer

We will have classes first, shooting on Location, critique, and discussions. Shooting creatively makes photography fun and interesting for the shooter and the viewer. Creative Photography can be inspirational, intellectual and of course fun.

Keeping photography fun can make it the most rewarding experience to someone who loves creating photography and enjoys making prints, books, and canvas's from their images.

We discuss so much including what you can do with your images after you have created them, using the computer and software and beyond.

Call today Creative Photography - Workshops and Classes


Creative Photography, Composition and your Eye...
Workshops, Classes and Coaching are Available

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Vicki Stanwycks Will Be Your Guide & Photography Coach

You will be accompanied by experienced guide and coach, Vicki Stanwycks. She will help you to shoot your photos as you shoot.  

We offer Classes, Coaching, Workshops and our "3 day Photography Bootcamp!"

She brings her skills into the present Photography arenas, knowing how to expertly shoot digital for the most eye catching images, imitating film. Stanwycks has a good knowledge of the tools that are used in today's experts toolbox's, creating outstanding colorful and Black and White images.

Her studio prints on large format printers making Giclee prints, on several surfaces and textures, using different papers and canvas. effectively and spontaneously.


Creative Photography

Classes first, and then we go into the field and apply different techniques. 

We discuss motivations, several rules of composition, color, Black and white, gear, tripods, lenses, digital darkroom must haves, and the pros and cons of too much or too little with regards to gear and with the computer.

We learn and create images that are print worthy for art, decoration, or social media. Techniques learned in this workshop will prove useful for as long as you shoot...  

Your time with Stanwycks Photography, is sure to make a difference in your images, you will shoot faster and compose better.

"Creative photography transcends the mere act of capturing images; it is an art form that embodies the photographer's unique vision and style."

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Creative Photography, Composition and your Eye...
Workshops, Classes and Coaching are Available

Please Call for the details, We can get a Gift certificate to you on the same day!


Photography Bootcamp | Digital Photography

3 days Of Photography Intensity

Three Day New Orleans Photography Bootcamp - Individual Photography Bootcamp - Bootcamp is a few days of everything Photography!

We shoot and experience New Orleans from uptown to Downtown, Night and Day - Literally. We start from the basics to the more advanced. Are you frustrated in your photography now? Are you missing those important shots?

This special bootcamp can turn you around in a few days. Vicki Stanwycks is a life coach and incorporates this into your days in New Orleans. In this very special few days of Photography we examine your feelings about photography and what makes you inspired about your art and your vision. Depending on what level shooter you are we hone your skills to make you better at what you want to accomplish with your photography, what inspires and motivates you - to shoot and why.

We give you tools to develop and understand your style. Vicki Stanwycks is with you every step of the way for three whole days helping you understand your relationship with your camera and how to capture your images with a new awareness. And... the best part is -> New Orleans is your backdrop, with all it's color, culture, and flavor. What could be more fun than to experience New Orleans with your camera?

New Orleans Photography Workshop Info

Thought Provoking Black and White Photography

Come to New Orleans Prepared to Make Photographs

And your guides will show you where and how!

Make Photography an Adventure

Full Day and Weekend Workshops

Explore the realm of the Creative... and make it your own...

A crucial element in the realm of creative photography is the enchanting ability to perceive the world uniquely.

It involves peeling away the layers of the mundane to unveil hidden beauties.

Imagine reflections, shadows, and unconventional angles harmonizing to form a visual marvel.

Mixing colors and textures akin to a skilled chef to add a touch of flair. The objective? Not just capturing an image but concocting a blend that captivates the viewer's imagination and fancy.

In the digital age, photographers use editing tools to enhance photos creatively, such as double exposure and HDR imaging, transforming them into remarkable works of art.

The essence of creative photography lies in each photographer's unique vision, style, and creativity, adding a personal touch that transforms snapshots into artistic expressions.

Using Your Camera to Tell Stories...

Photography in general alludes to fun and excitement. Photography also brings one to many places both in your minds eye and in the actual photograph. We travel to exotic places with the idea in mind to create equally exotic Photographs. We are travelers, we are adventure seekers and we want to see and do more and capture it through our cameras.

However if we don't know how to do it well, take Photographs... all that excitement dies fast when our Photographs don't look like what we felt and saw when we look at them. Good Photography creates a feeling and better photography get us excited. The old cliché that;

"A picture is worth a thousand Words!"

It's true... I would like to think and hope that some images are worth more words and some Photographs do all the talking. Wouldn't you like to be that Creator? Wouldn't you like to create pictures that speak to your viewing audience?

Take the first step with us at Stanwycks Photography and we will get you on that path today. We will help you understand photography and it's language so much better. You will see!


General Information & Rates

Day Photography Workshops

Depends on Workshop
  • Classes and Location shooting
  • Pro Photographer
  • One On One - Workshops or Small Groups
  • Camera Instruction and Computer Demo
  • Including Photo Coaching while Location Shooting

Creative Photography Weekend Workshops

Workshops are Very Effective
  • Professional Photographer to guide you
  • Weekend Workshops
  • Price Depending on Workshop Attractions
  • Photo Coaching While Shooting and in Class
  • Various locations to Photograph
  • On on One or Small Group Workshops

Classes, Coaching or Workshops, we love to help our clients make better Photographs.

Whatever you choose when working with us we want to help you be better with your camera and how you use it. We believe in starting form the basics as a foundation. One can read many books on photography and until you have someone standing there with you and telling you why it is or isn't working, you won't get it as quickly as you may think. Besides all that we make your experience with us fun and memorable as we shoot in your desired locations. Whether on the Gulf coast or in New Orleans we make it interesting and your images will be a direct result.

Call Stanwycks Photography today at 504.899.9394 or email

We are happy to discuss what kind of photography you want to work on. We can come up with ideas and suggestions that could be great just for you!

Improve Your Photography with Stanwycks

Various New Orleans Workshops - Full Days and Weekends

Black and White Images and Photo Journalism go hand and hand...

Workshops, Classes and Individual Coaching sessions are available

We schedule workshops and classes working mainly with individuals one on one. Call today to schedule your Workshop or class.


Creative Juices Flowing...

Just you and your Camera!

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Snapping Photos or Creating Images?

Are we snapping photos or creating images? With Instagram and Facebook inherently everyone is a kind of journalist - yet many an image is a snapshot.

The difference however in a good image maker and a snapshot maker is our methodology and care we take to understand the image and the process to create a fine image and the equipment we use.

Much Goes Into Black and White Photography

Do you want to create a great better black and white images?

Color, Black and White, special effects... the list is endless what you can do.

Make Statements and tell stories with you images...

Do you want to be more creative with your photography?

Photography can be a lot of fun when shooting for fun is a priority.

Knowing how to be more creative and spontaneous makes photography more interesting to you and the viewer.

If you want to be more creative, shoot some creative images in New Orleans than this is the workshop for you

Workshops on Your Schedule

"Ongoing" means we teach during the week & on weekends, depending on your schedule and ours... We have assignments, We do our best to make it work for you!"

Prepare Your Photography Gear and Yourself...

Attendees should have a Camera, with lenses, laptop or home computer and software which we can discuss before the workshop/class. We will go shoot photographs. It's recommended to wear something comfortable, weather appropriate and closed toe shoes or sneakers.

Crafting Stories

Imagine creating images that convey powerful stories and emotions, resonating deeply with your audience. Be the creator crafting photographs that transcend words.

New Orleans Photo Workshop Adventures

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