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WE Create Images for the Backbone of America...

We produce images for key industries that form the backbone of America. Stanwycks specializes in serving the Oil & Gas Industry, Marine and Transportation, Construction, Ship Building, Manufacturing, and Chemical Engineering Plants. Additionally, we cater to global companies requiring on-location images of their Machinery, Ships, and more.

Our Images tell your stories...

Our team of experienced photographers is equipped with the latest technology to capture the essence of your operations in stunning detail. Whether it's the intricate machinery in a chemical plant, the grandeur of a ship under construction, or the bustling activity of a transportation hub, we ensure that each image tells a compelling story.


Our Committment has earned the trust of major corporations...

Understanding the unique demands of these industries, we prioritize safety and efficiency, adhering to rigorous standards while delivering high-quality visuals. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the trust of major corporations and emerging businesses alike.

to us, it's more then just taking pictures

At Stanwycks, we believe that every image is an opportunity to showcase innovation and progress. By visually documenting the pivotal moments and everyday operations of key sectors, we help clients strengthen their brand identity and communicate their value to stakeholders and the public.


For us, it's more than just taking pictures. It's about creating a visual legacy that highlights the critical contributions these industries make to society. Let us help you capture the heart of your industry, one frame at a time.

Aerial Photography of Ship

Our Images reflect a unique window into the heart of America's Might

Stanwycks Photography offers a unique window into the heart of America's industrial might. Their work captures the essence of the nation's diverse industries, showcasing the intricate processes and the hardworking individuals behind them.

From the bustling factories and towering ships to the remote oil rigs and expansive Factories and plants, Stanwycks Photography tells the story of how America works.

Their images reflect the dedication and innovation that drive these industries, presenting a vivid portrayal of the nation's industrial backbone.


Visuals that celebrate America's Industrial Achievements

Moreover, Stanwycks Photography's work serves as an enduring tribute to the vast and varied landscape of American industry.

Their photographs are more than just images; they are narratives of progress, resilience, and ingenuity. By documenting these industries, they create a visual archive that celebrates both the history and future of America's industrial achievements.

Whether for educational purposes, corporate presentations, or public exhibitions, Stanwycks Photography provides a compelling and comprehensive view of how America works, inspiring a deeper appreciation for the nation's industrial prowess.


Each image captures the environment and the spirit of the people who operate them

The photographers at Stanwycks have trekked through an array of environments to get the perfect shot. Whether it's the fiery glow of a steel mill, the precision of a chemical plant, or the meticulous construction of a bridge, their portfolio is a testament to the complexity and beauty of industrial work.

Each photograph not only captures the physical aspects of these environments but also the spirit and tenacity of the people who operate them.

Through their lens, Stanwycks Photography highlights the often unseen but critically important sectors that fuel the country's economy and infrastructure.

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Industrial Photography Gallery

This is a sampling of some of our industrial work...

Industrial Photography
Photography of the Industries that make America Great Right Now!

Stanwycks Photography shoots Industrial Photography

"America is amazing... from America's people to it's various industries... We have been in the factories, Ships and Rigs at sea, Oil and Gas plants, barges, Bridges, nuclear plants, cement pours, grain elevators, chemical plants... We have seen and photographed how America Works and it's pretty amazing."

Industrial Photography Info

Industrial Photography Information

Industrial Photography...

America's Industry is far reaching and important to how we as a country function. Advertising and Documentation through Professional Photography including structures, machinery, processing,  people at work and the many services that Industry provides, are important for promoting businesses and showing what they do. 

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Photography for Industry, People at work and how they do it...

We Shoot Photography for industry.

Industrial Images shot on location including manufacturing enterprises, operations, People at work, mechanical and transportation venues, rigs, industrial plants, factories, ships, warehouses, construction, welding, barges, machinery, etc. We travel on land, air and sea.


America and the people who work every day are amazing...

"America is amazing... from America's people to it's various industries... We have been in the factories, Ships and Rigs at sea, Oil and Gas plants, barges, Bridges, nuclear plants, cement pours, grain elevators, chemical plants...


We have seen and photographed how America Works and it's pretty amazing. This year our Images will be in the Smithsonian Institute and Our United States Congress highlighting Industry in the United States and Transportation including Ships and Transportation. It's a nice place to be!"

Photography on the Gulf Coast Areas

New Orleans and the surrounding areas including the Gulf South Coastal areas are rich with industrial resources. Many rigs in the surrounding areas of Louisiana and Mississippi drill for Oil & Gas.

The Port of New Orleans is one of the largest in the United States, many ships transporting cargo and providing transportations services for the rest of the country.  Gulfport, MS also hosts a very large port for industry and transportation, import & Export. We are proud to serve in these areas.

The Nuts and Bolts of Industry Shown Beautifully In Pictures!

Many chemical, grain and manufacturing plants lie on the banks of the Mississippi. Photography in all realms, in these areas are what we do and do it well. We also have support staff for rigging and transportation to get us where you need us to be shooting your images...

We go where the assignment is...

Location Photography

Bridges, Ships, Factories, the machines that drive them... Our studio's Photographers shoot for web sites, advertising, annual reports, mixed media purposes and social media sites.

Photography On-Location...

"We have our equipment ready, even our own Hard Hats"

Stanwycks Photography Provides Aerial Photography Services

Aerial Photography all over the Southern Region
Stanwycks Studio's Aerial Images are created with experienced photographers and pilots using various air craft, including Helicopters, Choppers, Sea Planes, Cessna's for example...
Several of Vicki Stanwycks Aerial images are on exhibition in the Smithsonian Institute. The Photographs are of Ships Along the Mississippi River, Showing Import and Export in the United States... "
Industrial Photography, Commercial Fisherman in the Gulf

Industrial Photography Studio Info

Industrial Photography

Price Depending on Assignment
  • Price will dependent on assignment requirements, locations, and final images
  • Rates Depend on Assignments
  • Retouching or Remastering
  • Up Load of images onto the Internet for Final Image Selection
  • Remastering and Retouching available for final Images
  • Final Image Packages

Industrial Manufacturing Photography Experience

Stanwycks Photography has been established for many years, working with the corporate environment and the people that are the movers and shakers. Vicki Stanwycks an experienced professional photographer knows how to make people look good.

Shooting Machinery and People for media usages entail a commercial shooting style geared towards advertising, which is why so many choose, Stanwycks Photography to shoot their Photography needs

Image Selection for Your Images, you can come to the studio or we can post the images on-line for viewing, and a consultation and final selections.

We are contracted often from clients out of town who can't come into the studio so we make your photography experience as easy as possible - from the time you have your initial consultation, the shoot day, and lastly when you get your final images. Our clients are with us for years because we make it easy for our clients in every way we can. We are committed to making great Photographs and providing great service.


Call Stanwycks Photography today at 504.899.9394 or email

We are happy to discuss what projects you have coming up and are eager to help!

Commercial & Industrial Photography

Studio Web 2011-045

Shoting images to post production...


"America and how it operates behind the scenes is pretty amazing..."

Project Development to Final Images

Who ever you are , whatever  types of images you require, we can create styled shots for  Magazines, publications, the Web...  We shoot keeping in mind the latest trends, with an advertising spin. We have worked with many art directors and agencies knowing what is needed for either web or publications.

Stanwycks has been shooting Commercially for more than 23 years including table top  photography, people and products at the New Orleans studio, the Mississippi Studio and on- location, as assignments dictate.

The Shoot, Retouching & Image Enhancement

Stanwycks Studio offers a full range of processing,  Retouching and Graphic Design services. We do our best to get it right in the camera and with lighting. However things that already exist sometimes are a  part of an original photo and need retouching to remove a light pole, or electrical lines that surround a structure... Worried about a blemish? We  take care of it. 

Our techs enhance photographs every day including  sky's, buildings, commercial facades, teeth whitening,  hair,  scars,   glasses, etc.  Our skilled techs can fix it,  no problem...

Design & Marketing for Companies and Individuals

You may need your images for the Web, Magazines, Ads, etc. including social media.

We can shoot what ever you need.  Are you working with an art director, an agency or a graphic design firm?

Whatever your needs we  work with you to develop a finished images that you can be proud of.... Images are shot and processed with the utmost care to detail and usage. And best of all we like to make it easy for our clients, taking the worry out of preparation, logistics, and final images.


Industrial Photography Images that show machinery and people at work....

Location Photography for Industrial Purposes

Bridges, Ships, Factories, the machines that drive them... Our studio photographs them for web sites, advertising, annual reports, mixed media purposes and social media sites.
New Orleans Photo specializes in making images for Industry

Industrial Photography

Headshots 2013aB 300 (Side 300)

"America is amazing... from America's people to it's various industries... We have been in client's factories, on ships and rigs at sea, oil and gas plants, barges, bridges, nuclear plants, photographed cement pours, grain elevators, chemical plants...

We have seen and photographed how America Does it's Work, and it's pretty amazing. Our Images hang in the Smithsonian Institute and the United States Congress, highlighting Industry in the United States and Transportation including Ships and Transportation.

"Having my images in the Smithsonian Institute is a great testament for what I can do for you. Pretty Awesome for sure!" - Vicki Stanwycks

With every session we look at your images in our viewing room on the same day. We can also upload your photos onto our Web Site. You can view your session from anywhere. Al images are password protected.

Industrial Photography

Day Rates Depend On Assignment

Industrial Assignments

  • Discounted rates if more than One day of shooting is required
  • Digital Processing is necessary for all  images
  • Retouching available
  • Media choices available, Printed materials and Graphic Design,
  • retouching and Photoshop services

Perhaps you have seen us around town...

Perhaps you have seen us shooting around the coast. We shoot on location, offices, casinos for events, some local advertising, Executives, and some not so pretty stuff like industrial photography.  Whatever it is we can photograph your next assignment delivering the kind of quality you need for your audience.

Call Stanwycks Photography today at 504.899.9394
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