Photo Skills & Career Path Building

So you think you want to be a photographer... Your passion for the craft is guiding you and you want to start Somewhere...

What Kind of Photographer do you want to be?

What do you imagine for yourself?

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Photography Style

Visual Communication Takes Practice and helps you build your style. We help you understand your style.


Photography Portfolios

Photographers need to have a Portfolio to show their work and skill. We help you build your Portfolios.

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Business in Photography 101

Every Business has a business side to it. When you become a photographer you need to understand ethics, Communications and Business for photographers. We have experience and can show you that side of things.

Photographers Career Path Building Blocks


Becoming a Photographer requires Committment

Being a Photographer is more than making great pictures...

The Nuts & Bolts of Photography

Understanding Skills and your Art

Developing A Style

What makes you Unique with your work and developing like Images

Business 101

More then just taking pictures

Visual Sophisitication

Seeing art through others eyes makes us inspired to Create.

Your Portfolio

We help you understand a body of work that will be your portfolio

Ethics & Communication

Communicate Effectively

Photographers Building Blocks for a career in Photography

Skills | Building Block

Developing YOur skills for the work you want to do...

Photographers Need to Have Skills...

This Photographic Journey encompasses a few steps that will make you better at your craft and understanding the skills necessary to be a Photographer.

As Image Makers we need to know how to tell stories in our pictures and for our Clients. We need to meet the Marks set by Assignment Perimeters. 

This coaching will take a few sessions:  Defining who you are now and who you want to become - as a photographer  is important to the process. There are many kinds of photographers and what kind of photographer you want to be will create a blueprint for what skills you need and the kind of portfolio you will need to build.


Style | Building Block

Understanding and creating your Style For Career Development

These Coaching Sessions concentrate on what it takes to understand your style based on your possible career choices.   

We concentrate on understanding what your style can be become, based on your skills and the career paths you want to develop.

"Visual Sophistication helps develop your Style..."

When you understand your style, it will give your work more direction in your workflow and get you motivated to create a good body of work for your portfolio. Every photographer needs a portfolio to show off their skills and the kind of work they can produce for a client or potential employer. 

This coaching will take a few sessions including;

  • Defining your ideas and Goals
  • understanding your motivations when creating images as a photographer and visual artist;
  • Image Critiques and Assignments

*This course is for the more seasoned shooter who is thinking about their career paths. 


Portfolio | Building Block

Creating Your Portfolio

Every Photographer Needs a Portfolio that displays their skills and Style. Anyone can take a picture, especially with a a cell phone.

Your portfolio has to tell the viewer something about you that sets you apart from someone else the potential client or employer are looking to hire.

We will concentrate on creating a display of your work concentrating on Style.

When you understand your style and create images that reflect you, than your next step is to create a body of work which will be your portfolio.

This coaching will take a few sessions including;

  • Defining your ideas and Goals for your Portfolio
  • What you want from your Portfolio and how to make that happen...
  • Understand your Viewers perspective
  • Creating a Portfolio for your intended audience
  • different mediums to display your work

We will have discussions Critiques and assignments

By the end of this course you will have a Portfolio that you will feel confident to show to others based on your style and what you put into it.

*You must know how to create images, as this is for the more seasoned shooter.


Business | Building Block

Ethics, Communication & Business 101


Embarking on a journey in professional photography entails more than just mastering the art of capturing stunning images. It requires a well-rounded understanding of various crucial aspects, including Photography Ethics, Client Communications, and Photography Business 101. These foundational courses are designed to equip aspiring photographers with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the competitive world of photography.

  • Photography Ethics coaching covers moral principles for beginners to pro photographers, including respecting privacy, obtaining consent, and following copyright laws. It emphasizes responsible practices to maintain professionalism, integrity, trust, and credibility with subjects and audiences.
  • Client Communications coaching teaches photographers to build professional client relationships through clear communication, managing expectations, negotiating contracts, and providing feedback for smooth collaborations and repeat business.
  • Photography Business 101 covers marketing, pricing, finance, and legal aspects for photographers to be more successful in the business side of Photography. It helps set up the freelancer, manage operations 101, and turn passion into profit, laying a foundation for a career in photography


We will have discussions Critiques and assignments

*You must know how to create images, as this is for the more seasoned shooter.


Putting it Together | Blocks

Skills, Style, Portfolios and Business 101  //   Putting it all together...

We provide coaching programs for aspiring photographers, covering various topics over 12 to 15 weeks. Depending on individual needs, shooters can focus on specific areas that interest them, with each topic requiring several sessions for thorough understanding and growth.

Engaging in all the aspects mentioned above will accelerate your progress towards achieving your photography goals. Here's an overview of the coaching program:

  • The Skills and Craft of Photography: Intermediate proficiency is required to participate in this coaching segment.
  • Developing your Unique Style: Stand out in the field with your distinctive approach.
    Creating A Body of Work: Essential for building portfolios and presentations.
  • Photography Ethics and Client Communication: Learn the ethical aspects and effective client interaction.
  • Understanding the Business of Photography: Explore the business aspects beyond just taking photos.
  • Bonus: Guidance on showcasing your portfolios effectively.

This coaching program spans a few months, with recommended bi-monthly sessions. Expect engaging discussions, critiques, and assignments to enhance your skills.


What kind of photogrpaher do you wan to be?


Industrial On-Location Photographer


Wedding Portrait Photographer


Nature Wild Life Photographer


Executive Corporate Style Photographer


Commercial Product Style Photographer

Exterior for Real Estate Photography

Real Estate - Interior/Exterior Photographer

What do you like to shoot?

Having a discovery call could be the most important cal of your life so you can figure out path you want to take. There are many Photography Career Paths and your will be unique to you. 

BENEFITS of Working with Stanwycks

One step is the beginning step to 1000 miles. We all have to start somewhere and we start with a discovery call...

Art Photography, Street Car in New Orleans
Love of the Craft
that you need
Corporate Meeting Image

How We Will work togther...

Custominzed Plan, Just for you...

Begin a personalized journey to enhance photography skills with a discovery call to discuss career aspirations, skills, and growth commitment. A customized plan will be created to match individual goals and pace for success in photography.


Empowering Individuals to Reach their Photography Aspirations

Our coaching sessions offer flexible and enjoyable experiences, from casual coffee chats in the studio, to serene park picnics shooting on location, tailored for photographers starting out.

The unique coaching method blends magic and dedication to empower individuals to reach their professional aspirations.

YOu will be equipped with skills and confidence...

Throughout our coaching journey, you'll find yourself in a dynamic and supportive space where your progress is closely monitored and adjustments are made to accelerate your growth.

Our ultimate goal is to help you unleash your inner photography superstar. We're committed to ensuring that you not only grasp the essential concepts but also excel in applying them to your craft.

With your dedication and our expert guidance, you'll be well on your way to soaring in your photography adventures, equipped with skills and confidence to shine in the industry.

Corporate Photography

Understand Aspects of Photography, Seeing Light, Exposure, Composition, and so much more...

What's your Career Path?

In this Career Building Program you will work on the craft of Photography, skills, business, Ethics Style, your Portfolio... all these elements help build a photographer. If you take nice pictures, that's great... but that is only one element of being a photographer.  Of course it's the most important part, but communication and talking to clients, understanding the business of photography and what clients or potential employers expect.

Then of course there is Gear. What gear do you have and do you know how to work with different gear?  Gear is really important it's the paint of an artists pallette...

A lot of questions need to be addressed and in tis course we answer them so you will be on a good path to realizing your photography dreams... 

Creating a Career Path in Photography is the first step to realizing your dreams...


"Shooting for others requires skill, making clients happy requires listening and  understanding what people want..."

"Your job is to make it happen!"

Being a Photographer

Becoming a photographer requires commitment, dedication, and hard work. It involves mastering equipment, techniques, studio lighting, and editing software to capture the desired aesthetics. Technical knowledge and a creative eye are essential for building photography skills.

Creating a Good Body of Work

Creating a good body of work is essential for any photographer looking to establish themselves in the industry. A portfolio serves as a visual resume, showcasing the photographer's unique style, versatility, and skills.

Consistently producing quality work involves not only technical proficiency but a keen sense of storytelling and composition. This is a skill and takes practice and coaching or school helps develop talents and understanding equipment.

The Business sides of photography

By combining artistic talent with business acumen, photographers can successfully turn their passion into a sustainable and rewarding career.

Understanding and  the business side of photography is equally important. Photographers must develop strong communication skills to effectively interact with clients, understand their needs, and deliver satisfactory results based on what clients need.

Building and maintaining client relationships is crucial for securing business and referrals. Additionally, photographers need to navigate various aspects of running a business, such as marketing, pricing, contracts, and financial management, even if you are an employee. 

"Career Building in Photography We can help you. "

"All it takes is a discovery call..."

Improve Your Photography Skills with Stanwycks Photography

Various Workshops & Career building Sessions - Days and Weekends

What Kind of Photographer do you want to be? 

Workshops, Classes and Individual Coaching sessions are available

We schedule workshops and classes working mainly with individuals one on one. Call today to schedule your Workshop, class or Boot Camp


Snapping Photos or Creating Images?

Are we snapping photos or creating images? With Instagram and Facebook inherently everyone is a kind of journalist - yet many an image is a snapshot.

The difference however in a good image maker and a snapshot maker is our methodology and care we take to understand the image and the process to create a fine image and the equipment we use.


Coaching on Your Schedule

"Ongoing" means we teach during the week & on weekends, depending on your schedule and ours... We have assignments, We do our best to make it work for you!"

Being a Photographer is more than taking pictures, It's a Life style...

Photography Career building

We offer Photographer Career Building for the Photographer and the the shooter who strives to be an Artist... 

Photographers Boot Camp

We offer Photography Boot Camp... Learn to be a Shooter in 3 days, learn the ins and outs of being a photographer in 30 days...  We can help you for sure!!! The boot camp is pretty intense and we love to help people who are committed to the Craft of Photography and want to excel!

Much Goes Into Black and White Photography

Do you want to create a great better black and white images?

Color, Black and White, special effects... the list is endless what you can do.

Make Statements and tell stories with your images... Being a photographer is different, you are creating stories for others ..."

Knowing how to be more creative and spontaneous makes photography more interesting to you and for potential  assignments.

Having the Skills when working ass a photographer is a given, Knowing how to create images that tell stories for others is a skill onto itself. We strive to create!


Prepare Your Photography Gear and Yourself...

Attendees should have their Camera, lenses, laptop or home computer and software which we can discuss before coaching. When we go shoot photographs, It's recommended to wear something comfortable, weather appropriate and closed toe shoes or sneakers.

New Orleans Photo Workshop Adventures

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Success Stories

It is unbelievable how comfortable I was getting my headshots. It's easy to take a selfie, but for work we needed more than that. I highly recommend them..

  • Sarah Mayer

I took a beginners class with Stanwycks and I was taking much better pictures after my first session. If yur camera is confusing you will understand in no time. Awesome!

  • Marc Reiter

I Had to get images taken for my business and we shot the executives in the office. We just sent them over to the studio and we had pictures right away...

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    Mary Slayer

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