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Mardi Gras Art Photography & Gallery

Vicki Stanwycks has been creating Mardi Gras images for over two decades. She has developed a great photographic art collection of her images over the years. Many of her photographs are sold privately and to corporations. Some of her work can be seen around town and hangs in some very well known homes and offices of public figures we all know.

Mardi Gras is one of the best times of year that New Orleans is famous for. For some it is a sport! For many it is a two week long event, that represents family tradition, parades, mystique, and just simply put, fun. Please look at the web site and the galleries to see if there is anything you would like to own. We have prints, canvases and framed images. Enjoy!

Please Look at our On-Line Art Gallery

Please Look at Vicki Stanwycks Fine Art Gallery on-Line. We have a great selection of images, different techniques and Image treatments available. Thank you.

36,000 Mardi Gras Photos Photographed a Year... the Parades, Floats and the People.

About Us

Stanwycks Photography Studio is where all the Action is. Most of the New Orleans Parades line up right in front of our studio. We have front row seats to capture all the action as it begins. We have been shooting Mardi Gras since 1995. the beauty of digital is that we can upload our images on-line for our clients, and Parade on-Goers to see at our On-line Gallery

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Mardi Gras Services

Our Photographers photograph many events around the city during the Mardi Gras Season; Parties, Balls, and Parades... We also offer Mardi Gras Photography Workshops for the different weekends of the Season. You can see our Ads in Arthur Hardy's Mardi Gras Guide. "We love Mardi Gras, It's the most exciting time of the Year!" We were the first studio in New Orleans to post Mardi Gras Parade Photos for people to view and buy on-line.

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Get In Touch

If you want to shoot Mardi Gras, and see and experience the sights and Sounds of Mardi Gras, Stanwycks Photography Studio is the place to be. We will take you and show you where to go to get the best shots and coach you as the event's unfold. Call us today at 504.899.9394. We are booking fast. Happy Mardi Gras!

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New Orleans + Mardi Gras + Camera = Mardi Gras Art

Mardi Gras is the most colorful event in the the world, you can be there... You can go to a Mardi Gras Workshops with Vicki...

Or.. you can go to our Fine Art Gallery and get some beautiful Mardi Gras Wall Art!

New Orleans is a Great Backdrop for Mardi Gras Color...

Stanwycks Studios is in the uptown area of New Orleans. Fine Art Images including images of Mardi Gras and other artful works hang throughout the Metro New Orleans area and Nationally. Take a look around... and if you like these images please give a call. We can create something just for you.
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Stanwycks Photography, New Orleans Photo

Mardi Gras Photography Images create fine art for your home and office... Remember the finer points or Mardi Gras throughout the the year and celebrate the  Louisiana spirit with our beautiful Mardi Gras Images... Gallery Wrapped Prints and Fine Art Paper Giclee Prints Available

Creating Mardi Gras Images for Art and For You

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Vicki Stanwycks Spends Hours Creating Photography and Art...

Vicki Stanwycks has been a Photographer for 28 years offering professional Photography Coverage to a wide range of venues. In her private life she loves photography creating her own images. She has been giving workshops for several years now on various subjects in Photography...

She loves to shoot in the Bayou, the hanging moss trees, getting close to the Alligators and photographing birds in the Marsh.  New Orleans and Louisiana offers so many things to photograph and get excited about Mardi Gras, especially is one of them.

Vicki spends hours creating art with her camera and processing her images in her Digital Darkroom. She loves to print her own work on large format printers and creates Giclee's, Canvas's and Gallery Wrapped...and Fine Art Paper... She makes Metal Prints and they will last forever.

The pieces she offers can range in size from 5x7 to 4 feet and Panoramas to 10 feet and more. Photographs can be created in Black and White, Sepia Toned, Hand Painted, Saturated Effects, Polaroid Transfer Techniques, and a combination of effects.

Photographs are made on specialty papers and are Archival. Prints come with a signed and dated certificate of Authenticity by Vicki Stanwycks and the Studio.


Fine Art Mardi Gras Images Hang all Over New Orleans and the USA

Quantity Art Prints for display are available at a discount for Corporate offices, displays for common areas in Board rooms, Lobbies and Large Common Areas including theaters and office buildings for example. Large

Canvases are printed and are available for immediate hanging. Canvases and Giclée's have no framing costs involved and are a more cost effective alternative if you want Mardi Gras and Louisiana Art. You should check out our on-line gallery and see if there is anything you like!

  • Our Fine Art Images Include Mardi Gras, Louisiana, the Bayou, the French Quarter and Various Colorful, Black and White images for viewing and purchase.
  • Stanwycks of has been creating Mardi Gras Imagery for over 15 years
  • Images Presented to the Public for Private Collections and Ownership to Individuals, Corporate and Hotel Venues All over New Orleans and all over America.
  • Canvas & Gallery Wraps available 60" and hand Painted

Please Inquire and check out our Link for our Artwork.

Mardi Gras Photography Workshops


Mardi Gras Workshops Photography

Workshops & Classes Mardi Gras

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The First Mardi Gras Weekend

The Second Mardi Gras Weekend

Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Day

It's Sure to be a great Experience as it is every year...

Thank you - Vicki Stanwycks

Call us today! We book fast...

Please Look at Our fine Art Images On-Line

Our Images are available to view and purchase in various sizes, styles and mediums. If you have any questions Please give us a call. If you want something special we can create it for you. Please take a look and happy viewing. Thank you.

Mardi Gras Images and Workshops

Vicki Stanwycks has been offers specialty services to New Orleans and the United States. Presently she offers Photography Workshops on various topics in Photography. Her Beginning and Intermediate Classes are all private and she teaches the ins and out's of your camera, light and shooting techniques. Coaching is also available on-location.

A Little Bit About...

Stanwycks has been offering Workshops, Photography Classes and Coaching for over 10 years. Vicki has been a photographer for more than 25 years and started back in New York City with Film. Film Photography gave a great foundation for Digital Photography. Vicki has been shooting digital since the beginning, was the first one in New Orleans to Post Large Event Photos in New Orleans The studio was shooting more than 30,000 images a year for Mardi Gras and posting them.

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