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people from all walks of life...

Headshots, Executives, Models & Talent

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Stanwycks Photographs People


Executive Headshots

We shoot Corporate Photography telling the story of  your industry from Executive Headshots, Corporate Events and the coverage of the people that make things happen for your company.

Headshots & Model Portfolios

Headshots & Modeling

Stanwycks Shoots Headshots and Model Portfolios for Actors & Models. The Studio can shoot On-Location or in the Studio to create the looks that you need to Market your Personal Brand.


Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography is centered around the people and events that make life special, Portraits, Graduation, Weddings, Couples, Families, Events, and even Boudoir Style Photography

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Stanwycks Photography
Business Headshot & Portrait Photography

People in Business and the People in your Life...

We offer Corporate Photography, Models, Headshots, and Lifestyle Photography...

People from All Walks of Life

Experienced Professional Photographers, Skilled and Talented

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Whatever the Project, Our photographers can help you with events and projects, big or small... We can create the best images that speak to what you need from the Fun Side to  Corporate , Industrial, Advertising & Aerial style Photography...

We Specialize in Photography of People for Business....

Executives & Corporate

We can Photograph your Team from Hard Hats to Suits...

The Workplace today can be in any environment, outside at an industrial location, to inside a beautiful 50 floor Corporate building. Our specialty is showing people at work in all environments. Executive Headshots in the office or studio or showing the jobsite showing the people who make things happen.

Headshots & Portrait Photos for Commercial Usages, Executives and Corporate

Photographing People, Creating Brands...

Stanwycks Photography Studios specializes in Photographing People for Industry, Corporate, and Lifestyle Images. One day we are in the studio photographing Headshots ,and the next day at the convention Center Photographing 100 people for a corporate website. Every day is different and person is different. Our job is to make everyone stand out and look good for whatever the assignment...

Executive Headshots and Corporate Photography

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Corporate & Executive Headshots

On Location Studios at Conventions, Meetings, and Events...

Stanwycks Photography's staff can set up a studio at your location. we can Photograph your Conventions and set up our Famous headshots lounge at your Convention!

What better place to photograph your People when they are all together at a convention in New Orleans!

The Central Business Distict of New Orleans

The New Orleans CBD, Showing the Convention Center, Canal Street, The casino, The Creole Queen Paddle Boat, Spanish Plaza, the Hilton, One Canal Place, So Much happening in this Shot...

New Orleans is a Very Exciting City with so much happening, Business, Conventions, Fun and Sight Seeing...

Photography and Creating a Brand for You or Your Company

Image Design / Branding Examples

Services in New Orleans & Gulf Coast

Stanwycks Photography's main location is in the heart of New Orleans. We Shoot all over Louisiana and are also on the Gulf Coast every in Gulfport and Bay St. Louis. Doesn't matter where we are, Stanwycks shoots on-location, for Corporate, Industrial or Lifestyle assignments.

Super Support

At Stanwycks Photograph we strive to deliver great Images,  Outstanding Customer Service. Every customer is important and creating images that are important to you, is just as important to us. Many of our clients have been with us for years and we  are their Go -To photographers. We want to shoot your first assignment and for a long time to come.

Photography Excellence

Studio or On-Location Stanwycks Photography creates images for you and your team, whatever the project. Our Photography services are excellent and come with 23+ years of experience. We offer  cutting edge technology to insure you are getting the best in imaging.

Please call us today


Headshots and Portfolios for
Actors, Models & Talent

Actors Headshots & Model Portfolios

Models Girls_14

Headshots for Actors, Executives and Talent...

Our studio specializes in Headshots. We have been photographing people for more than 23 years. We offer coaching during our headshots sessions to bring out the best in you so you will look great on your Web Site, in Front of  Casting Directors, Branding and for Social Media. Do you want to look great in Pictures? Call us!

Models Girls_14
Stanwycks Photography - Headshots, Portfolios, Models and Talent

Headshots & Portfolios Started on Broadway

Stanwycks has been the mastermind behind stunning Headshots & Model Portfolios since the early days of her studio on Tchoupitoulas Street. She kicked off her photography journey by capturing Actors and Models on Broadway and 46th Street in the Big Apple.

Models should shine like a star

Crafting a killer headshot or model portfolio is like a top-secret mission between the model and a photography guru. From great lighting to good makeup and wardrobe, details count. It's all about finding a photographer who speaks the language and can lead the model to shine like a star.

Create Your Golden Ticket

And hey, don't forget to keep that portfolio fresh with regular updates to showcase the model's latest looks and projects. In a world where first impressions are worth their weight in gold, having a killer set of professional headshots and a dazzling model portfolio can be the golden ticket to a world of endless possibilities!

Headshots 2013aB 203 (Side 203)

Modeling Porfolios and Actors Headshots

Actors and & Modeling Portfolios, in The Studio or On-Location we will make you look great and get you noticed by those looking to hire you. We also offer Zed And Comp Cards. Call today!

Photographing People, Creating Brands

Stanwycks Photography Studios specializes in Photographing People for Industry, Corporate, and Lifestyle Images. One day we are in the studio photographing Headshots ,and the next day at the convention Center Photographing 100 people for a corporate website. Every day is different and person is different. Our job is to make everyone stand out and look good for whatever the assignment...

Headshots for Actors, Models & Talent

Actors and Talent Headshot Sessions

  • Two Outfit Session in Studio
  • Two Outfits in Studio and On-location
  • Additional Looks As Many as you want, Inquire
  • Headshots, Comp Card,
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"We are gonna make you look great!"

With every session we look at your images in our viewing room on the same day. We can also upload your photos onto our Web Site. You can view your session from anywhere. Images are password protected.

Model & Talent Headshots

Models & Talent Headshots & Portfolio Gallery

This is just a sampling of some of the talent we have worked with...

Book A Headshot Session

Book a session with our photographers today to reserve your studio time. Different sessions available for single looks to several clothing changes.

Get your images to the agencies and casting directors  and get noticed as soon as possible. Send some to New Orleans as they are busy with movies and productions of all kinds. Take advantage of what your areas have to offer for those who want to be a part of this growing industry.

Get your Headshots done right. First impressions make all the difference in the world to how casting and art directors see you. Good headshots and portfolios will get you the work you're looking for.

Actors Headshots and Modeling Comp Cards

If you need Comp Cards and Head Shot's (Cards/Sheets) to hand out at auditions we offer various themes and Sample Layouts to choose from, and affordable prices

  • Sample Layouts,
  • Headshots for Actors,
  • Models and Talent's 8x10's, 5 x 8.5, 5x7's
  • Comp Cards & Portfolios

Different sizes and layouts available... See Our examples. Various Layouts for Portfolios and Photos for your Actors Facebook Page.

Studio Experience and Working with People

We specialize in Photography of People for Business and Advertising

Headshots, Model Portfolios, Executives and the Corporate World...
  • Models, Actors, Entertainers, Talent, Speakers,  Glamour

  • Headshots, Portfolios and Comp Cards

  • Executives, CEO's, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Politicians

  • Corporate Events, Meetings, Awards Presentations, Banquets, Dinners, Parties

  • Conventions, Trade Shows, Trade Show Booths, Speakers, Seminars, Presentations

  •  People at Work, Corporate, Industry... Working Individuals

Studio 2014 008 (Side 8)

People for Industry

We shoot special events from Conventions, Gala Events, Luncheons, Speeches and parties, Meetings, Speakers, Etc.

We also offer coaching for modeling, and get you to step out of the box to begin a process that will make you more comfortable in front of the camera offering you some experience and help you feel like the model you want to be...

Headshots Web Site-007

People for Industry

No matter who you are or what you want to say in your pictures, we can create the right images for your professional needs.   Our Professional Photographers can create a session that delivers a look that makes you user friendly yet serious about your profession.

We shoot from a commercial point of view keeping in mind the latest trends. We use color, black and white, lighting  and photography techniques in all that we do to make it all look great!

We specialize in Photography of People for the Personal Side of Life

Lifestyle Photography

  • Headshots & Portraits
  • Studio, Locations such as the Park and the Beach
  • Couples
    • Engagement and Pre Bridal
  • Graduating Seniors
    • In the Studio and at Favorite Locations
  • Events
  • Weddings, Anniversaries, and Parties
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People and Events

Our Photographers cover large Galas to small intimate events. Where ever you are, whoever you're with, we create photographs that tell stories and capture important moments. Photographers shoot with flexibility following the flow of your event, corporate gathering, convention, or gala extravaganzas! We cover weddings with style, and capture the love you feel, showing the romance and love of the day.

Our photographs tell stories. We have been photographing events for more than 20 years. With  experience comes an intuitive flare that follows meaningful moments as well as explosive ones. We have witnessed speeches, vows, special moments between people... and lots of love!

Headshots Web Site-004


We have photographed Ship Christenings, Ground breakings, and ceremonies of all kinds. Coverage  Mardi Gras every year photographing over 26,000 pictures a year, posting them on-line.

Our Photography has covered the Louisiana Supreme Court Justices, all the Head Justices for the National Supreme Court at their yearly gatherings;  Photographer Vicki Stanwycks, covers events happy and sad, momentous and simple.

If you need good event photography we can be there to photograph images as they unfold... surroundings, people and events... to tell your story.  Books, CD's, Prints, albums are available. We upload  images onto our web site for your final selections. Please call...

Lifestyle Photography

Headshots 2013aB 140 (Side 140)

Lifestyle Photography

Photography for You, Families, Portraits, Graduation, Weddings & Boudoir Photography...

Models Girls_42-3

Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Images and Photography
Your photographs are a unique representation of you and your dear ones, thoughtfully tailored to tell your story. With over 27 years of experience, we have been dedicated to creating meaningful images for our clients.

Family & Couple's Photography

Headshots 2013aB 160 (Side 160) (2)

Happy couples , love birds, just can't get enough of striking a pose, especially when they're riding the engagement high! That's why we snap some pre-wedding shots of the couple and the bride-to-be before the big day. Tag along with us to capture their love story in photos, getting all hyped for their "I do" moment!


Boudoir Sessions

Studio Web 2011-072
Studio Web 2011-007_a copy

Boudoir Sessions

Our Boudoir Photography sessions are a hit with folks looking to capture their essence in a fun and flirty way. While our focus is mainly on the ladies, guys also love to strike a pose. People choose these sessions for a mix of reasons - from dazzling their partner to unleashing their inner confidence and sexiness.

Some even plan surprise gifts for special occasions or to celebrate milestones. No matter the reason, we're here to make sure you shine like a star in your Boudoir Session! Images that spark your enthusiasm to look beautiful!

Call Stanwycks Photography today at 504.899.9394

We are happy to discuss what projects you have coming up and are eager to help!

888-526-8299 or email

General Information & Rates

Studio Sessions

Starting at $189.
  • Studio and location Sessions Available
  • Consultation and viewing of finished images
  • Image Consultation with Photographer
  • Retouching Available
  • On Line Previews
  • On-Line Shopping for Prints, Products, Greeting Cards

Various Sessions

Starting at $189
  • Full & Half Days for Events or Location
  • A-LA_Carte Pricing or Packages
  • Studio or On-Line viewing for Image Selections
  • Photographers Consultation
  • Retouching Available


Starting at $989..
  • Price Depending on Event type
  • Packages Available for Lifestyle Events
  • Corporate Event Pricing - Full & Half Days
  • Photographers Consultation
  • Studio On-Line Previews
  • On_line Store for Ordering Prints, Canvases and Products
  • Retocuching Available

With every session we view your images right after the session.  We can also upload your images onto the Web Site for client selections.

As a Model or Actor you are in the public eye either working with  all sectors, casting directors, art directors, stylists, etc... You have to look good for the camera so you can impress all the people you will be working with, Your Professional Headshots are in many ways the first time your audience will have first contact with you -> Casting And Art Directors.  You will be hired from that Comp card. Stanwycks Photography knows how to make you look good for the camera and help in the process of getting you work.

Stanwycks Photography Specializes in Peolple, Places & Things...

People, Places and Things....

People Banner Web_opt

Ready to find out more about our Photography Studio?

We would like very much to discuss  your project with you!

Awesome Photography Services 

We Offer Awesome Photography Services... & Are Here To Help You

Studio Services

Check out NewOrleans Photo's different services. When we say we shoot "People, Places and Things..." We really mean it!

We offer a wide variety of experience.  When we are shooting your assignment we don't just bring cameras and lighting gear, we will know just what to do, to create the images you need!


Get In Touch

New Orleans Photo, Stanwycks Photography would love for you to take a look around our web site and then if you like it, we hope you will contact us for your next assignment.

If you have some ideas you're thinking about for a Photo Shoot, we can discuss them to figure out what works best for you!  -Thank you!

About Us


Colorful Images or Black and White, In Studio or On-Location... We create photography for all walks of life every day....

Please check out our "About Us" page so you can know more about who you are working with. We work all over New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

Stanwycks Photography in the Heart of Metro New Orleans and the MS Gulf coast

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Stanwycks Photography offers Imaging services in the studio or on-location. Our pricing is competitive and experience speaks volumes.

We offer the latest in technology and deliver the best imaging Products ever.  Please call so we can have the opportunity to discuss what you are thinking and will help you turn your thoughts and ideas into reality!

Client Love

Stanwycks Photography creates Images for Executives

David Briggs

"Wow! Had no idea what goes into a photo shoot. We had to shoot our company, including the people that run it (Me and my family) and our employees. We had to shoot what we manufacture and make it look good. We left it to Vicki and she put it all together for us, from the shoot days to giving us final images for our graphic designers. All we had to do was show up and smile... Thank you Vicki!"


Jennifer Otello

"We had been planning a Luncheon event for several months, a corporate meeting with several award recipients and speakers. One of our staff was going to shoot it and they got sick. Stanwycks Photography stepped in and got exactly what we needed and more. We used the photos for our website and our upcoming newsletter. We will hire them again. They saved the day!"

About Us

Stanwycks Photography has been shooting for more than 23 years all over New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and Nationally. Give us a call today so we can discuss your project(s). Please look through our pages and hope you enjoy our images. Thank you... -Vicki Stanwycks


Contact Us

Stanwycks Photography   

NOLA  Ph# 504.899.9394   

MS# 228.220.4833


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What Other Are Saying

"Fantastic Headshots for my office. They set up a studio at our location and everyone got photographed and looked great.  Then we shot some images around areas of our office with the staff, including the Board Room, the lobby, some of the attorney's offices, etc. We wanted our website to reflect our People and our work place. Vicki did it,  and we looked professional and the office shots reflected who we are and our professionalism. Within a few days we had our images, and off they went to our Web Designer. Very Pleased!"  -Lauri Baker

" We have been working with Stanwycks photography for about 8 years now. We send all of our New Hires to Vicki for their Executive Portrait Session's. We use these images on the web and for various things we need Headshot's for.  Vicki makes it simple for us. I would  highly recommend Stanwycks Photography to any Corporate firm. She really has made it seamless for us."  - Cheryl Landsman

"So we wanted something different for our Executive's. We didn't want the same type of looks. We had Vicki do some in her studio against different backgrounds with a few of our people. She tried a Green Screen, we shot against white, and we also went to a few locations around our office, outside. The green screen we used two different backgrounds that were dropped in later - some very contemporary looks. The ones against white were clean - light and airy, and the ones outside were great. We couldn't decide. We chose different one's for different things and we use these Pictures all the time. It's good when you like more than few and want them all. And to top it off, Vicki and her assistant's are really very nice and fun to work with."  -Jennifer Bordelon

Frequently Asked Questions

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Call us today at 504.899.9394
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