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 Exposure In Photography
Light, Color Balance & Understnding good Exposures

Light & Shadow
creating good exposures

Creating a good exposure in photography is an art that requires a harmonious interplay of light, color, and space. Light, the most fundamental element, serves as the backbone of any photograph.

And you wanna get it right!

Light and Shadow, Understanding Exposure

"Light is what creates an Image... and shadow is what defines the details of the subject in combination with the light. It's how we control the depth of each.  Depth in relationship to our subject and the image the photographer creates... that is the basis of this workshop. Making it good so we are not spening hours processing our images..."

Light and Shadow....


Main Focus of Workshop and About Vicki

The Nuances of Light


Light is how we see. Learning how to see that light verses the differences of shadow can make or break your images.

The nuances of light and how your camera sees are covered in this workshop. Workshops discuss digital capture, controls, hands on in the field, assignments, attention to exposure, contrast, filters, Lightroom, the digital darkroom are part of this workshop as well.

Provoking Emotion through Different Photography Techniques

Classes are scheduled individually and in groups up to 6. Individual attendees wanting classes or full days or weekends gain more individual attention.

If you are wanting to combine several areas of photography study, we can do that as well. Thank you.

The Days of Film...

Classes are taught at Stanwycks Photography's Pro Photography Studio.

Vicki Stanwycks studied at ITT Tech, Germain School of Photography, ICP and several master photographers she worked under while studying and working her career in New York City and New Orleans. She was educated at first in the days of film... and many techniques learned then are applied to todays exposure systems... and prove invaluable now.


Vicki Stanwycks, Photography Coach & Mentor

Vicki brings these skills into the present using Mirrorless and DSLR's knowing how to shoot for the most eye catching images imitating film.
She has a good knowledge of tools that are used in her digital toolbox creating outstanding colorful images.

Her studio prints from large format printers making Giclee prints, on several surfaces and textures on different papers and canvas.

 Light & Shadow, Composition & space,  Exposure Techniques

We work in the studio to teach and discuss Light then travel to where the light takes us

We Offer Several Photography Courses....

Phone:  504.899.9394 


 Workshops & Classes

Light and Shadow, Exposure - Workshops and Classes

Understanding Natural And Artificial Light, Seeing the Light


Natural light and the nuances ofhow it effects our images

Attendees should bring to class their camera, some images they wish to discuss or have questions and need answers - pertaining to light and shadow for an exposure evaluation.

The most popular question I receive is, why don't my images look like how I shot them? Understanding light and exposure has much to do with the answer. This workshop is intense. Once you understand the fundamentals you will get better images.

We will process the images created on location, create an approach to style and work with our computers.

Processing Your Images 

Many think it's given to get a good exposure. It's not. Images that are too dark and too light can give you hours of work in Post.  We show you hands on techniques to work with your Camera, Images and computer to obtain good exposures. 

Questions need answers pertaining to light and processing images with various software and hardware techniques based on exposure.

We work on your present workflow  and how to improve with techniques we use in the studio to make our processing easier and most of the time, faster.


Studio Web 2011-023
Stanwycks Photography, New Orleans Sky line from the river, as photographed from a Helicopter

"Because they are digital.."


Everyone thinks because your images are digital they come out of the camera just right...

Well, to get images "like you saw them," your images need to be processed. That's why this Course ois so important. If you get it right in the camera in the first place you will have more to work with.  

Understanding Exposure, Light and Shadow....

Light and Shadow, Exposure - Workshops and Classes

Corporate Photography Vicki Stanwycks

Light is the Image Backbone

Creating a good exposure in photography is an art that requires a harmonious interplay of light, color, and space. Light, the most fundamental element, serves as the backbone of any photograph.

Understanding the qualities of a scene and how to manipulate the light, whether natural or artificial, can dramatically alter the mood, tone, and clarity of an image.

Soft, diffused light often results in more flattering, evenly lit photographs for people, while harsh, direct light can create strong contrasts and dramatic shadows.

Mastering the use of light involves an understanding of its direction, quality, and intensity, and adjusting your camera settings—accordingly, once you know how.

Color can affect Emotions

Color, on the other hand, adds emotional and aesthetic depth to your images. The color temperature of a light source can make a difference to how you shoot an image. Complementary colors can create a vibrant, eye-catching composition, while analogous colors offer a more harmonious and soothing effect. Color theory and how different hues interact can help you make intentional choices about your subject matter and background, enhancing the overall impact of your photograph.

Stanwycks Photography, Photograph of Zulu at Mardi Gras

Space and the Arrangement of Elements

Creating a well-balanced and captivating composition relies heavily on space, which is the arrangement of elements within your frame. Composition techniques and negative space can help direct the viewer's focus and add depth and dimension to your photos.

Each layer in an image contributes to the narrative. By skillfully blending light, color, and space, you can produce images that evoke feelings and tell a story, enhancing the impact of your photography.

Prepare Your Photography Gear and Yourself...

Attendees should have a Camera, with lenses, laptop or home computer and software which we can discuss before the workshop/class. We will go shoot photographs. It's recommended to wear something comfortable, weather appropriate and closed toe shoes or sneakers.


Photography and Exposure Go Hand in Hand

Come to New Orleans Prepared to Make Photographs

And your guides will show you where and how!

Make Photography an Adventure


Photography Adventures

Anything New Orleans, like being  in the swamps are an awesome place to create colorful attention grabbing photography.  You will learn more about photography as you explore this unique terrain.

Coaching One On One

We Coach you in all our workshops... Our Professionals offer Tips and Techniques to help make you better shooters!

Using Your Camera to Tell Stories...

Photography in general alludes to fun and excitement. Photography also brings one to many places both in your minds eye and in the actual photograph. We travel to exotic places with the idea in mind to create equally exotic Photographs. We are travelers, we are adventure seekers and we want to see and do more and capture it through our cameras.

However if we don't know how to do it well, take Photographs... all that excitement dies fast when our Photographs don't look like what we felt and saw when we look at them. Good Photography creates a feeling and better photography get us excited. The old cliché that;

"A picture is worth a thousand Words!"


It's true... I would like to think and hope that some images are worth more words and some Photographs do all the talking. Wouldn't you like to be that Creator? Wouldn't you like to create pictures that speak to your viewing audience?

Take the first step with us at Stanwycks Photography and we will get you on that path today. We will help you understand photography and it's language so much better. You will see!




General Information & Rates

One Day Photography Workshops or Classes

Exposure Workshop
  • Classes and Location shooting
  • Professional Photographer / Instructors to guide you and offer instuction and Guidance
  • One On One - Workshops or Small Groups
  • Camera Instruction at the computer and as we Travel to locations
  • Including Photo Coaching while Location Shooting

Photography Weekends & Digital Exposure

Exposure Workshop 2 Days
  • Professional Photographer/Instructor works with you while shooting
  • New Orleans Weekend Workshops Avaialble
  • Price Depending on Workshop Attractions
  • Photo Coaching While Shooting and in Class
  • Various locations to Photograph
  • On on One or Small Group Workshops

Classes, Coaching or Workshops, we love to help our clients make better Photographs.

Whatever you choose when working with us we want to help you be better with your camera and how you use it. We believe in starting form the basics as a foundation. One can read many books on photography and until you have someone standing there with you and telling you why it is or isn't working, you won't get it as quickly as you may think. Besides all that we make your experience with us fun and memorable as we shoot in your desired locations. Whether on the Gulf coast or in New Orleans we make it interesting and your images will be a direct result.

Call Stanwycks Photography today at 888-526-8299 or email

Call us so we can discuss you photography ideas! We can come up with suggestions that could be great just for you!

Improve Your Photography with Stanwycks

Various New Orleans Workshops - Days and Weekends

Black and White, Color, Exposure

Workflow is very important....

Workshops, Classes and Individual Coaching sessions are available

We schedule workshops and classes working mainly with individuals one on one. Call today to schedule your Workshop or class.


Light & Shadow, Composition & Space  Workshops


Exposure is at the Root of Photography

Understanding How Light Effects an Image

Light and Shadow are the basis for creating images with any camera, we explore the characteristics of each in depth. It could change the way you see and how you shoot.

  • Workshops, Classes and Individual Coaching sessions are available
  • Workshops and classes are work mostly with individuals and small groups. Call today to schedule your Workshop or class.
  • Your images will be so much better if you can see how light effects your images.

Having the Right Tools to Get Good Exposure

Learn How to see and expose for the light...
Do you want to create a great better, more colorful images?

There is a lot more to shooting images than just pressing the shutter. Understand how light effects every image you photograph and how shadows are seen by your lens.

Light and Shadow are directly opposite, learn how to see differently and more like your camera....

Make Statements and tell stories with you images...

Do you want to be more creative with your photography?

Photography can be a lot of fun when shooting for fun is a priority.

Knowing how to be more creative and spontaneous makes photography more interesting to you and the viewer.

If you want to be more creative, shoot some creative images in New Orleans than this is the workshop for you

New Orleans Photo Workshop Adventures


Workshops on Your Schedule

"Ongoing" means we teach during the week & on weekends, depending on your schedule and ours... We have assignments, We do our best to make it work for you!"


Call Stanwycks Photography today at 504.899.9394
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